Docxtor lets you batch convert iWork™ documents to or from Microsoft Office™ format (Microsoft Word™, Microsoft Powerpoint™, Microsoft Excel™) or to PDF in a snap. It’s as easy as these three steps:

  1. Drag your iWork™ documents or a folder into the Docxtor window.
  2. Setup the conversion options.
  3. Hit start and watch the Docxtor do the rest.

Docxtor runs on macOS only and requires you to install the iWork™ applications on your computer. Docxtor is built for macOS 10.12 (aka Sierra) or later.

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Gapped texts or cloze tests are one of the most often used classroom exercises. Especially when teaching foreign languages gapped texts can be used in many ways. But creating gapped texts can be really tedious.

Gapped is an application for macOS which lets you create gapped texts in a seconds. Read on to find out how.

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WordCloud - Sketch Plugin

This plugin for Sketch lets you create word clouds and tag clouds inside Sketch.

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Ein Widget für Dashboard unter Mac OS X (bis Version 10.14) zur schnellen Berechnung der Notengrenzen z.B. bei IHK-Abschlussprüfungen für den deutschlandweit einheitlichen IHK Notenschlüssel. Dieser wird zum Beispiel bei Abschlussprüfungen oder Fortbildungsprüfungen angewendet. Häufig nutzen auch Lehrer der Berufsschule diesen Notenschlüssel.

A widget for Mac OSX’s Dashboard (available up to version 10.14) to quickly calculate the credits for the German standardized distribution of exam credits. Just enter the total number of credits in the top field and the credits will be calculated automatically.