• Vendoring C libraries with Rubymotion

    Last Updated: 18 May 2019 - corrected Brett Simmons to Brett Walker

    development rubymotion vendoring
  • Run the Rubymotion Hello World app in VirtualBox

    I wanted to try the RubyMotion Flow gem the other day and especially the Android part of it. Problem was how to test the Android app for development without having to buy and Android device. There is the built in emulator in the Android SDK, but after waiting for hours for it to boot up I lost faith and interest in it.

    android development rubymotion
  • Didaktische Jahresplanung mit SublimeText erstellen

    Eine systematische Didaktische Jahresplanung zu erstellen ist nicht einfach. In diesem Artikel zeige ich eine Möglichkeit, mit Hilfe von Markdown automatisch einen didaktischen Jahresplan zu erstellen.

    de school teaching
  • Disable automatic Firefox HTML5 form validation in watir-webdriver

    If you are testing your websites and especially your forms with watir-webdriver you might run into trouble because of automatic HTML5 validation in Firefox. Here’s how to fix it by adding some javascript magic.

    ruby watir webdevelopment
  • RubyMotion coding style

    One of the big problems writing Rubymotion code for OSX or iOS is that Cocoa forces you into writing unrubyish code which after some time becomes really bloated, ugly and consequently hard to understand and maintain. Here are a few links and tips from my (young) experience.

    development rubymotion

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